Our new on-line library gives you access to all of the Get Ready to Learn Sequences in one place. In order to utilize this resource to your students’ greatest advantage keep the following in mind:

  • Each type of sequence is designed for specific student population. For more information on the sequence best suited to your class, consult the guidelines below.
  • Get Ready to Learn was designed so that each sequence builds upon the last. The program must be used sequentially until all students in the class have progressed through all levels of the program.
  • Any class with students OR teachers new to the program should begin with the Sequence 1 in their selected category (Ex. Floor One, Seated One etc).
  • Returning classes who were ready to progress to new new sequence at the end of last year should complete at least 1 month of the sequence they did last year before moving forward.
  • Classes should only consider moving on to the next sequence when all students have progressed through all 3 Phases of Implementation, and have spent at least a month in Phase 3. If you are unsure whether your class is ready to move forward, please consult your GRTL facilitator.
  • If you have a class who has progressed through the 3 Phases in all of your selected Sequence type (ex. Floor 1-5), consult your facilitator about ways to further your students’ growth and development through Get Ready to Learn.
  • DO NOT move through sequences or types of sequences randomly.