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Program Overview

Get Ready To Learn (GRTL) is a researched daily preparatory classroom yoga curriculum designed to optimize classroom performance for both students and staff.  Introduced into NYC schools in 2008, the program was initially used in classrooms with students with a wide range of  developmental and educational challenges.  The program is currently used in schools around the US and Europe for students of all ages in typical, integrated and self- contained classrooms.

GRTL utilizes the centuries old practice of yoga and incorporates current educational and therapeutic strategies including Response to Intervention (RTI),  Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) and sensory-motor processing through a developmentally based, tiered program.

Yoga has been a practice in physical, mental and spiritual exercise for thousands of years. Get Ready to Learn was designed using the ancient tenets of yoga combined with current understandings of human development, occupational therapy and educational psychology. We believe that for optimal learning to take place, students must have the opportunity to build connections between all of the systems in their bodies, and that for optimal teaching and caregiving, adults must have the same opportunity.

Get Ready to Learn provides this opportunity in a way that is easy to integrate into a daily classroom routine, and sets up all participants for success. Students can move through the program at their own (if necessary, supported) pace, but all participants follow along the same continuum. It begins with time for everyone to become familiar with the program and to build the understanding that your mat is a place to be calm and silent. Gradually (over the course of a few weeks), as students demonstrate readiness, the demands of the program increase, from calm engagement, to the initiation of poses, and finally to successful imitation of poses and integration of the information presented through the sequences. The first GRTL sequences are designed to build mind-body or “self-to-self” connections. Once students have progressed through this process, and are able to complete Sequence 1 consistently, with integrity, there is the option to move on to more advanced sequences that address higher levels of thinking and processing.


Get Ready To Learn starts the day in classrooms around the world.

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•September 2012, American Journal Of Occupational Therapy
“Efficacy of The Get Ready To Learn Program Amongst Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Pretest- Posttest Control Group Design”- Kristie Koenig, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
Anne Buckley-Reen, OTR, RYT, Satvika Garg, MS OTR/L

•GRTL pilot research analysis by NYU Department of Occupational Therapy in 2009/10 were presented to an enthusiastic audience at the AJOT Conference in Philadelphia in April 2011 by NYU professor Dr Koenig, PHD.

•Pilot study outcomes were presented at the International Conference Of Occupational Therapy in India in January 2011 By Satvika Garg,MS OTR

• The Get Ready To Learn program and pilot research outcomes were presented at the Channel 13 Conference on Innovations in Education in NYC (3/2011)

•A random controlled double blind study was initiated in 2011 under the direction of Dr. Kristie Koenig, PhD and her research team from NYU. Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders were followed for 16 weeks and compared with matched controls. The positive research outcomes were published in September 2012 AJOT (American Journal Of Occupational Therapy).

•Pilot research has been replicated in GRTL programs at schools in London, England under the direction of Jo Manuel, RYT and at HASC (Hebrew Academy For Special Children) Long Island, NY under the direction of Margaret Tumulty, OTR, RYT

• GRTL Research was highlighted in a poster session presentation at the SYR, Symposium For Yoga Research in Lenox, Massachusetts (9/2011)