Streaming GRTL – Best Practices

In order to gain the full effects of the Get Ready to Learn program, it is essential that program be implemented with fidelity. Best practices while streaming Get Ready to Learn include:

  • A calm, quiet, prepared environment.
  • A fully trained adult leading the program. (Contact us at for information on upcoming trainings.)
  • Students and staff are in their own place and space, each with their own individual yoga mat. (Floor sequence)
  • Adults are prepared to support specific students’ individual needs, based on the phases of implementation.
  • Adults are using only NON-VERBAL supports during the program.
  • The sequences are followed in order. Access to multiple sequences allows you to move forward at the students’ pace, but it is essential that students progress through all three phases of a sequence before moving on to a new sequence.
  • Consult the attached Fidelity of Implementation Checklist for additional guidelines in program implementation.